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miércoles, 28 de enero de 2015

Life at school

We have selected another essay by one of our students. We hope you like it.


      Yes, it's true. I spent some of the best days of my life at school. There have been bad times, I have spent nights studying, I worked very hard and then I failed. But it is also true that I had a lot of unforgettable moments with people I loved. There have been sentences, opportunities and events that are remembered with a smile. Of course, there are people to whom I have affection and I have known at school. I have always learned something new, some value or knowledge. For that, all worth it.    
      On the other hand, I would like to be a teacher in a future and it is beautiful to see young people involved with their work, showing passion and commitment. They love what they do and they give you the best of themselves to complete their education and be a better person. It is really an admirable profession because it is necessary much vocation and to have infinite patience.
       I think we shouldn't believe that it is a waste of time because in the end you are just forming, it is essential to have a good education and defend you with your knowledge in life. It is important to keep that in mind and know that not everything is an effort to study and spend part of your free time. Although this is also true, it is not only that, it's more than that because it's exclusively for you, for yourself. And the mistake of a lot of people is that they are not able to see that everyday there are other people giving them values. And these last ones are the most important in life, because science, history, English or French can be very useful in life but very little will serve you if you have no principles such as respect, education, honesty or loyalty. These values are also reinforced in classes such as philosophy and perhaps are not too considered. However, for me, it is more important. It is a subject that humanizes, which teaches knowledge but also educates in values.
      To conclude, I would like to say that if we all speak with sincerity and really appreciate the daily work in classrooms, we all could say that we have experienced some special and memorable day at school.

Essay written by Rocío Gallego Rodriguez. 2º bachillerato A

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