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lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

La Glorieta park. Siles

Parque de la Glorieta
 The "Parque de la Glorieta" is a park of Siles where the children go to play, boys go to chat and adults go to talk. It´s a park with a lot of trees (pines, olives, cypresses) flowers in spring and grass. There is a bowling alley and another one for Petanka. There are also games for babies. 
From here you can enjoy a nice view of mountains around Siles and the valley of Guadalimar river.

Written by: Rafa, Julián and Raúl

Agua square. Siles

Plaza del agua in Siles
 The Plaza del Agua is a square surrounded by old houses and big trees. It has got a fountain in its centre and some benches. Children play football in this place and old people sit down in the benches to talk when the weather is hot. The town hall was in this square, but now it is in a new building near hear. 
We like this square a lot because it is very nice and quiet.

Written by: Rafa, Julián and Raúl.