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miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2017

Academic year opening ceremony

On the second of October, we celebrated the traditional opening ceremony at the assembly hall. Here are the summaries some students wrote about it in 2nd of Bachillerato.

Last Monday, at Doctor Francisco Marín high school, it took place the school year opening speech, given by Irene Carrasco García.
She studied here nine years ago. Later, she graduated in Medicine at Seville University. Currently, she is working as an oncologist at Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville.
In her speech, she explained the illness of cancer: What it is, how it reproduces and how to fight it. She also insisted on the importance of having healthy living habits in order to decrease the possibility of suffering from cancer.
In the end many students asked some interesting questions about the topic.
                                                                      Álvaro Zorrilla Carriquí. 

In my opinion, this lecture was really interesting, specially for me, since I want to be an oncologist in the future. It was worth watching it. 
                                                                       Alicia Jiménez Campos. 

In my opinion it was very practical because she showed us how to prevent the disease. Moreover, before the lecture finished, there was an intense debate. 
                                                                       Juan Cano Jiménez. .

She told us many interesting things, but I heard a sentence that caught my attention: "If you want to do or be something, you should chase it until you get it, this way you will never regret it".
                                                                       Carmen Quílez. 

jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2017

Guess who?

At last, next week we will enjoy and learn more about English culture, Ireland and many other treasures to be discovered.

Hi! My name is Sarah Bolton and I´m the English language assistant this year in Siles. I am so excited to be here! I am from Northern Ireland where I am studying French and Spanish at Queen´s University in Belfast. So if you would like to help me to speak Spanish, I would be very appreciative! I look forward to getting to know some of you over the next year. I already love your beautiful village!

 Welcome Sarah!!!

Welcome students and teachers.

Hi!!! Here we are again full of energy  and ready to accomplish a new academic year. 

miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

Differences between SAY and TELL

We are studying Reported Speech in class, so it would be a good idea to have a look at this video which explains the differences between SAY and TELL.
Pay special attention to the RAP at the beginning of the video.

Reported Speech

miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

Andalusia's day at school

On February 22nd Andalusia’s Day was celebrated at I.E.S. Doctor Francisco Marín in Siles with several activities related to Andalusia’s traditions.
The day began as it usually does: classes at quarter past eight, sleepy students, difficult exams... all those things which usually happen at schools. When that day I was told that we were going to lose three last classes, I thought: “Oh good! No classes!” Most students surely had the same thought. Nevertheless, that day I learned some facts that changed my point of view about the place where I live.
First, at break time we were able to taste a traditional Andalusian breakfast made with bread, tomato, ham and olive oil. Although the breakfast was very tasty, I have to say the size of bread wasn’t big enough for an average teenager. Then, my class went to an awards ceremony for students who had created a fictional enterprise for a contest. Winners received cool gifts such as laptops, clothes and so on.
After that, some of us joined a bolos serranos match, but others participated in a lecture about jotas. Jotas is the traditional dance in many Spanish zones. That fact that we have to keep our traditions alive made me realize how important our origins are.
Finally, the whole school enjoyed a volleyball match between players from 1st and 2nd Bachillerato. They were very good players! It’s was an amazing day.

Álvaro Zorrilla Carriquí 1º Bachillerato-C

lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017

Doctor Emilio López lecture


Dr. Emilio’s lecture
On February 23rd there was a conference in “I.E.S Dr. Francisco Marín” for teachers and students. The lecture was carried out by the Doctor and odontologist Emilio López. The purpose of the lecture was to show students some advantages of having good saliva.

First, Mr. Emilio talked about the different components of saliva. In addition, he said a lot of interesting things about saliva like the number of bacteria in the mouth with respect to the rest of the body, the alarming decrase in the production of saliva, the amazing medicinal powers of saliva…
Also he gave a lot of advices on how to produce more saliva like chewing  our food slowly,  always keeping an olive bone in our mouth…

To conclude, the conference finished with some questions from the audience. The lecture was really useful and interesting. In my opinion, we’ve all learned many important things about saliva that will help us to have a healthy mouth and a healthy life.

Written by: Alicia Jiménez Campos (1°Bach C)