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miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

Anglosaxon Dessert Competition 2013

Over the past month the ESO students at IES Doctor Francisco Marín have been studying the food culture of English-speaking countries and vocabulary related to food and cooking.  They have done a variety of activities related to this subject. In April, the students had a firsthand experience with a hearty American breakfast and prepared pancakes in class.  Later, they studied the verbs related to cooking and the preparation of meals.  In addition to this, they studied words and phrases related to restaurants and restaurant menus. With this information, the students then transformed their classroom into a restaurant and performed  restaurant roleplays. Finally, the students chose English recipes to translate into Spanish with which created a mini bilingual cookbook. At the moment, many of them are refining their cooking skills and are practicing preparing their recipes at home. During the final week of May, the students will bring their desserts to class where their hungry teachers and classmates will judge the quality of their desserts.   A representative from the English Department and another from the Culinary Program at the school will taste the prepared desserts and decide which one is the best.  The judges will award three prizes to every group. Once the decision has been made by the judges, all the English students are invited to try the wonderful desserts of their classmates.

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