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martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Visit to the Cosmolarium in Hornos de Segura

Last Monday, we visited the Cosmolarium in Hornos de Segura. The Cosmolarium has many rooms: a room called "Universe", a reception area, a store, some research labs, a room called "A trip back in time" and a space to observe the sky with various telescopes.
We split into three groups. My group first visited the Planetarium and we saw an exhibition about the universe, the planets, the meteorites, the comets... The exhibition lasted about an hour. Then we had a break to eat. Later, we went to a room and we were explained the constellations and the planisphere. In the same room, we saw a very realistic exposure about Mars. 
Our visit ended with watching an exhibition about the universe. The room was full of interesting facts.

Elena García Salas 4º ESO A

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