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jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

Mario's lecture in First Bachillerato B (11th grade)

Mario Martínez talking to the class

By Maria del Carmen Rodríguez, Paula Castillo and Matías Arroyo.

On Wednesday, 4th of June, we had a great experience in class: Mario Conde, a former student from our high school, came to our class in order to tell us his experience in the USA. This is because he has been there for 2 years improving his English.

As you can imagine, going to a foreign country in your own when you are only sixteen is really difficult at first, moreover when you can understand nothing. This boy stayed in a host family during the course and he had to get used to the American life as soon as possible. He explained us how the States are: the things that Americans like to do in proms for example, how they celebrate their fests; the most popular sports there, like basketball, soccer… and he showed us the famous yearbook, which is made by the American students to remember their school’s memories in the future. Besides, he told us that his first time driving a car was there and at the age of 17! Advantages of living in the USA ;) Is it not amazing?

But everything wasn’t fantastic, Mario had to do a big effort to achieve his goals. He encouraged us to follow the hard way because the victory tastes better after the effort, then you will feel proud of yourself and it worths it.

Mario’s story teaches us not to give up, always do your best, be hopeful and try to see the “brightside” in things. By this way, you will get everything you want!

In addition, he showed us his spirit of sacrifice, telling us his experiences trying to learn English and he suggested new ways of improving a language (for example copying useful sentences in a notebook or making list of vocabulary, watching tv in English…)

That´s all folks, from now on we have a model of student, worker, full of curiosity and, the best of all, he is from “Segura´s Mountain  Range”.

If you want, and you work hard, you´ll get your goals!

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