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sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

Let`s check your memory.

Read the article and answer the 17 questions below about St Patrick’s Day... 
1. When is St Patrick’s Day?
2. Why is this day celebrated as St Patrick’s Day?
3. Where is it celebrated?
4. When was St Patrick born?
5. What happened to St Patrick at the age of 16?
6. What did the saint see as his ‘calling’?
7. What is a shamrock?
8. What use did St Patrick make of the shamrock?
9. What is a leprechaun?
10. What should you do if you meet a leprechaun?
11. Where is the blarney stone and what is special about it?
12. What does the word ‘blarney’ mean today?
13. Did St Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland?
14. What should you wear on St Patrick’s Day?
15. What do children do on St Patrick’s Day?
16. What do people traditionally eat on St Patrick’s Day?
17. What do pub owners do on St Patrick’s Day?

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