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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Our digital posters with Glogster

We have been using Glogster to create posters about important people for ourselves, we invite you to visit our work.

A very interesting poster about the Beatles created by Paula Castillo.
Do you want to know why Jennifer Pareja is the best waterpolo player in the world? Visit this glogster by Matías Arroyo.

Did you know that "el pequeño ruiseñor" was born in Beas de Segura? Learn more about this with the poster created by Jesús Luna.

Do you know the British group KEANE? visit this glogster to learn more about them. It has been done by María Jesús Morcillo.

If you're a football fan, you may like this glog about Cristiano Ronaldo. It was created by Ángel Suarez.

If you want to know everything about Bruno Mars, visit this glog by Ángel Fiteni.

Do you know Jorge Salan? Learn more about him in this poster by Fran Galdón.

A very nice poster about Hayley Williams created by Mari Carmen Rodríguez. Visit it here.

Justin Bieber, a poster by Elena Gr. Salas. You can see it in this link.

No doubt grandparents are the most important people in our lives. Learn more about this in this poster by Cristian García.

A poster about Abraham Mateo, created by Jorge Sánchez. Have a look at it here.

Did you know that Dani Jarque's grandfather was from Riópar? Learn more about it in this outstanding poster created by Beatriz Segura.

Andrés Iniesta scored the goal that gave Spain the World Championship. Have a look at this poster by Carmen Gutierrez.

Smiley is a Rumanian singer and actor. You can know more about him in this poster created by Adrián Badila.

Ellie Goulding is a famous British  singer. Learn more about her in this poster by Antonio López.

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