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jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

Opening Ceremony. Academic Year 2012/2013

Last 27th of September we celebrated the traditional opening ceremony of the academic year in our high school.
This year, together with the school’s new administration, we have started a new series of lectures that we usually hold in our school. 
This is the first time  the academic year open was pronounced  by a former student of our school.

The mayor of Siles, the provincial delegate, the principal of the school and the lecturer.
Mr. Juan Ramón Sánchez Sutil, former student and teacher at our school, gave the lecture "Planets, a walk through the Solar System of the XXI Century"
Our headmaster introducing Juan Ramón, the lecturer.

Juan Ramón giving a delightful lecture
Mr. Juan Ramón Sánchez, who received his Doctorate at the University of Jaén, shared the secrets of the Solar System with the audience. Everybody enjoyed Juan Ramón's words and wonderful images. The entire ceremony was very moving due to the fact that Juan Ramón is also one of our teacher’s sons. (Juan Ramón Sánchez, Philosophy teacher)
Juan Ramón receiving a souvenir from the headmaster

Mr. Cifuentes after receiving his plaque

 It was also the first visit of the new provincial delegate, Mr. José Ángel Cifuentes, to our school. He also received a plaque to commemorate his visit.

 His words to the audience were quite emotional, since he is from Siles and was once the mayor of the town.

Mr. Cifuentes addressing the audience
Mr. Jiménez and the mayor of Siles

Another emotional moment of the morning was the one when our former principal, Mr. José Félix Jiménez, came to the stage to pick up the plaque that the mayor of Siles gave him on behalf the town council. 
This plaque wanted to recognise the excellent work Mr. Jiménez has done since he began as the headmaster of the school some 23 years ago.

Mr. Jiménez embracing Mr. Rus, our new headmaster

Mr. José Félix also showed his support to the new headmaster, Mr. Juan Esteban Rus Amores.

We wish him good luck from this blog as well.

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