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miércoles, 23 de febrero de 2011

How much do you know about Andalusia?

This is a quiz for you to show how much you know about your homeland. You have to answer these questions. If you need help, you can use Google or Wikipedia.Good luck!
Write your group answers in a document and give or email it to your teacher.

1. Where can you visit the Beach of Genoveses?
2.Who wrote our anthem?
3.Which is the closest town to Portugal?
4.Which is the biggest Natural Park in Europe?
5. Which rivers cross the city of Granada?
6. When do Malagueños celebrate their fair?
7.Where did Columbus started his journey?
8.Which is the typical dish Seville?
9.Where was the painter Murillo born?
10. How many varieties of olives are produced in Andalusia?
11.Who were the Roman Emperors born in Andalusia?
12. When did Muslims lose their last battle in Granada?
13. Name three famous poets from Andalusia?
14. What is the origin of the expression"irse por los cerros de Úbeda"?
15. What was the Roman name of our community?

Thanks to Patricia from "Valle del Guadalimar" high school for this post

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